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Campus Hungary

The Campus Hungary programme aims to support and facilitate the internationalisation of Hungarian higher education through providing institutional development and scholarships for students, academics and staff. It contributes to the academic and cultural internationalization of European higher education, and it increases international mobility and exchange.

Who can apply for the Campus Hungary Scholarship?

Students of all accredited Hungarian higher education institutions can apply for Campus Hungary scholarships if they have already finished two semesters, have an active student status, can fluently speak the language of the applied studies and have the approval of the host and sending institutions. Applicants must agree to report about the gained studies or professional experience upon their return. Applicants able to have their credits acknowledged by their sending institution will enjoy advantages during the selection process, as well as those who have a scientific students award, study in the field of engineering and science and whose applied activity results in a research or publication.

How can a student apply for this scholarship?

The students of accredited Hungarian higher education institutions can apply for the scholarship at Balassi Institute. Please visit the website of the project: or write to

What does a company need to do to host a student with Campus Hungary scholarship?

Companies can support the application of the students for the scholarship with an Invitation Letter. An Invitation Letter Form is available.