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Step by step guide for employers

There are several issues which must be considered when a company/ organization decides about employing a foreign intern.

1. Plan the proposed trainee program

When you decide about the content of a placement offer make the timetable, the dates and duration  of the program and its milestones in line with the preparation, the job tasks itself and the evaluation. Think about your company's aims and about how your company can benefit the most from the fixed period of the traineeship and about the profile of the most appropriate students.

2. Compensation & other benefits for the student

Scholarships might be available for students which can help you to reduce the costs related to trainees.
Besides the financial support many other benefits can be offered to students, such as housing,  training etc. Consider your aims and possibilities before you advertise your placement offer so that the applicants will know what to expect.

In many cases companies do not have to pay for the intern however always consider the legal background of your country and create the placement accordingly.  Don’t forget to check whether your plans and the country specific legislative regulations are in line including taxation and health insurance as well.

3. Create & spread your placement offer

You can easily create a company profile and add placement offers which will be available in the database for students. Once your company is registered in the database you can add, activate and delete your placement offers according to your needs. You can give all necessary information in your placement offer to define the profile of the most suitable applicants.

Once you created your company profile students will be able to search your company and its placement offer(s). As the students can apply for the scholarships they need to find an appropriate placement before application so they will contact you if their profile matches your needs. Additionally, you can create a pdf file of your placement offer and send it via e-mail to your own networks.

4. Selection procedure

Companies can select from the students according to their needs from the applicants and support their scholarship application by an invitation letter.

In most cases students can apply for a scholarship together with an invitation letter from the host organization which means that it might take months until the student can join your company to start the trainee program.

5. Placement period & evaluation

Usually a training agreement is signed by the student and the employer which contains all the necessary information regarding the conditions of the placement. 

A mentor can be always helpful for the foreign student who can help both in terms of professional and personal issues. It is beneficial to discuss the common aims and objectives of the traineeship at the beginning and continually evaluate the development of the trainee.

A common final evaluation can be useful meanwhile your company/ organization might evaluate the whole programme individually as well so that you can decide about and plan the future trainee programs.